Lotze Mosley LLP Criminal Defense

Lotze Mosley LLP understand how criminal defense cases work, they are offering legal protection to clients who have been accused of committing a crime.

The accused can gain adequate protection and would be able to request for a fair treatment with the help of a criminal defense lawyer.

A defense attorney is knowledgeable on how to make use of constitutional guarantees and make it work for the client. They have years of experience dealing with paper work and judiciary systems and can provide guidance to their client.

Unreasonable searches inside the accused home can be prevented with the help of an attorney.

A defense attorney’s task is to ask the court to suppress the evidence so that it cannot be used during the trial.

In cases of arrest, a criminal defense attorney would be able to maximize options that can help their client get out of jail.

The attorney would be the one to work and research laws that can be used to protect their client from incarceration. Lotze & Mosley are an expert criminal defense law firm in Washington D.C.