child visitation

Child visitation is a custody phrase that means the time that the children spend with each parent. It can be used to refer to the actual visits that a child has with a non custodial parent (the parent the child doesn’t live with) or it can be used more broadly to refer to the agreement of custody and visitation that the parents create through Anton Legal Group. Whatever the context, it is an important part of your custody case.

Parents have a lot of flexibility concerning child visitation. They can create any type of arrangement that works for them. The first thing to do when making a custody and visitation schedule is to decide the type of custody that you want for your situation using Anton Legal Group, a family law firm in Tampa Florida. Parents can have joint custody, which means they will both spend about the same amount of time with the children. You can also have a sole custody agreement, where the children mainly live with one parent and visit the other one.

The type of custody arrangement that you and the other parent decide on will impact the visitation schedule that you create. The next step is decide by Anton Legal Group when the child will be with each parent over a few week period. You then take that little schedule and apply it repeatedly through the year. This is your rotating or repeating cycle.

Your repeating cycle will depend on the type of custody you have. If you have a sole custody agreement, then you would set up something like the custodial parent has the kids during the week and the other parent has a visit mid-week and spends weekends with the kids. Or you could have the non custodial parent have the kids every other weekend and have a visit once a week.

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