Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights

Collective licensing of music file sharing benefits both music fans and artists. The biggest advantage to this is that copyright holders and music artists get paid for their music, rather than facing losses due to their music being downloaded illegally and being shared as a result thereof.

Intellectual property rights of an artist is being infringed through music piracy. Once a musician get to record a song and sells it, he or she should get the revenue for it. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, pirates would distribute their songs illegally, and take possible income away from them. Anyone involved in doing this are in fact breaking intellectual property law by illegally sharing or distributing the artist’s music.

But, once you put the shoe on the other foot, you will soon see how incredibly complex the problem can be. The abstractness of intellectual property becomes tangible when you are the one whose income is at stake due to your rights being infringed upon. Not all is lost though. Music artists and fervent fans of theirs should not hesitate to contact one of our intellectual property lawyers to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

Amazingly, the music industry themselves has come up with a solution by means of the Voluntary Collective Licensing of Music File Sharing where fans can share music legally. This way fans will rest easier, knowing they do the right thing, while artist benefit in that they are getting paid for songs downloaded from the internet.

In a sense it will mean that the intellectual property rights of an artist won’t be violated. In addition, it will be a huge plus to independent artists who would not have to rely on getting a major record label to put their music out there. They would have options in that they could either go with a major label or a collecting society in order to earn revenue. It is best you speak to one of our reputed intellectual property lawyers to gather more information if you happen to be an upcoming artist or, even an existing artist wanting to know how to protect your rights as a musician.