Hire a Top Dog Bite Attorney in Las Vegas

When you adopt a pet that pet is now your full responsibility. This is the case even if they cause any sort of damage. If you reside in Las Vegas and your dog bites someone you are responsible for all the bills that come along with that. You can hire a lawyer that will make sure that your bills are paid in full if you were in fact bitten by a dog. You may only need a lawyer if the owner of the dog is not helping you with the financial burden of this injury. You can also fight for any lost wages you suffered because of the injury as well as any pain and suffering.


If you do decide to take legal action hire a law firm that knows this type of practice area. Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith are a skilled personal injury law firm in Las Vegas that can help you with even the toughest of dog bite cases. It is extremely important that if the person who owns the dog that bit you admitted any fault that you let your attorney know. If they wrote you a letter, sent a text message, anything of that nature, this is something that you Las Vegas dog bite attorney would need to know in order to build you an unstoppable case. This is a law firm that has so much experience in personal injury cases and has helped countless people in their dog bite cases. Some dogs are gentle and others a mean, and if the dog has multiple attacks on its record then this dog is a danger to society and something needs to be done. Going to court could make the owner have to take obedience classes with their dog and that could help prevent this dog from ever hurting or biting another person again.