Charles J. Argento & Associates handle car accident cases

The damage caused by car accidents in Houston varies since each accident is different. In some cases, only the exterior of the vehicle is damaged, while in other cases, the victim may suffer from severe injuries, and will not be able to lead a normal life for the rest of his or her life. While the vehicle owners involved in the accident may negotiate and finalize compensation when only the vehicle body is dented or the damage is less, for more serious car accidents it is advisable to hire the services of Charles J. Argento & Associates a Houston personal injury law firm which specializes in handling car accident cases.

Usually the police are involved in serious car accidents, when one or more victim is suffering from serious injuries and has to be hospitalized. In these cases, the victim is usually entitled to a higher compensation, since in addition to vehicle damage, medical expenses will have to be paid. The Houston car accident lawyer will collect all the relevant accident information, and ensure that their clients gets the best compensation deal.