Truck Accident in Las Cruces, NM

With the increasing shipping activities, trucks are increasing on the roads daily. In Las Cruces, NM, most of the truck accidents occur on the 15 interstate lanes near the NM. These accidents turn into a catastrophe as they cause multiple vehicle accidents. Trucks have been generalized and include; tractor-trailers, shipping vehicles, semi-trucks, fire trucks, construction vehicles, and 18 wheelers. These accidents are more rampant in Las Cruces during winter. Irrespective of the season, maneuvering a speeding truck is dangerous and small mistakes can result in a devastating accident.

Due to the size of 18 wheelers and the intense impact they have on other vehicles during an accident, personal injuries caused to those involved are very serious. They include; broken ribs, brain damages or even death. Whether you are a pedestrian, driver or a cyclist, you can file a truck accident claim in a Las Cruces, NM. Truck cases in NM are unique as they may involve multiple defendants, including the driver, business and third parties, such as wheel manufacturers.

Analyzing who is at fault requires a personal injury attorney who is well versed with the truck accident laws in NM. All the defendants or some may be found liable and can share the compensation amount claimed. If you have/are suffering from personal injuries inflicted to you during a truck accident in Las Cruces, NM, seek advice from The Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A. as their truck accident attorney has been on the front line when it comes to winning truck accident claims in Las Cruces. They help you to analyze whether your situation can be used to file a claim and use their experience and skills to represent your interests in a claim. Contact these friendly lawyers today to find a legal solution if you are a victim of a truck accident.