A Las Cruces Dog Bite Attorney

Law Offices of Kenneth G. Egan are a reputable personal injury law firm in Las Cruces. They are there to be on your team, and do the best for you. You are their biggest priority. They want to ensure they can do that most for you in the circumstances given. They represent clients in Las Cruces who have suffered from a dog bite injury. 


Dog bite injuries actually happen way more often than you'd except. It seems to be one of those cases that you don't hear of often but are actually very common. In order to really have a case in these situations you need to hire a dog bite attorney Las Cruces. They will be incharge of investigating your case. They will make sure that their final claim that they give to the courts is the most accurate and has the best chance of being accepted. They will go through and figure out the cost of the injury medical costs, pain and suffering, and if you lost any wages. This will all be layed out in the evaluation. The owner of the dog will be held liable.