Gilstrap & Associates Legal Malpractice Lawyers

Suing lawyer for legal malpractice

Gilstrap & Associates, P.C is a distinguished law firm which is committed to rebuilding the trust that is essential to the attorney-client relationship or privity requirement, among others. Through the years, its legal malpractice lawyers have dedicated their legal career, among others, to representation of plaintiffs in legal practice claims from Denver, Dallas, Santa Fe, El Paso, Las Cruces, Albuquerque, and surrounding areas. Combined with the knowledge of Texas law and the outstanding legal experience to quickly resolve some legal malpractice cases, the legal malpractice lawyers are committed to continue enforcing the concept of accountability and responsibility. Should you feel that you are unable to establish a breach of fiduciary duty in accordance with the attorney-client relationship giving rise to a claim of legal malpractice cases, contact the experienced legal malpractice lawyer in El Paso, at the Gilstrap & Associates, P.C. at (915) 229-1906 immediately. It is conveniently located at 5915 Silver Springs Drive #2 El Paso, Texas 79912.