Brain Injury Lawyer in Sherman Oaks, California

There are many different types of brain injuries. A brain injury is classified by any blunt force trauma to the brain. Types of brain injuries can be determined in different ways. There are x-rays and MRI scans that can show some of the varying injuries that have been caused to the brain. But there are also some types of brain injuries that cannot be found from those types of scans. Some kinds can only be found by a neuropsychological test to show that the brain has suffered from a loss of speech, cognitive function, and even a loss of some memories.


Many times the insurance company does their best to dispute the brain injury claim. In order to get your insurance company to not dispute your case you will need to be in contact with a Sherman Oaks brain injury lawyer. This lawyer can explain to your insurance company that your injury is real. Your lawyer may ask for some tests to show even more that the brain injury you suffered has affected you.


Contact the Sherman Oaks personal injury law firm of Fox & Fox Law Corporation today for a consultation. This Sherman Oaks law firm is here to help you. Their goal is to get your insurance company to take your brain injury claim seriously.