Visit For Amazing Evening At Bogie’s Bar

If you are looking to unwind with your close friends after a hard day of work or want to celebrate the night on weekends, Visit the Hollywood Hills. Bogie’s Bar in Westlake Village is great with live music and amazing events. It provides great posh surroundings and well-mannered staff. Bogie’s bar is more than just a place for fun. It exuberates innovative libations and cuisine.

Every day there is special menu at the bar. Monday nights are dedicated to guests from the restaurant industry, Tuesday is for games and crafts, Wednesday is Latin night and Friday and Weekends are club Night. Each day there are special drinks, food, and music related to the theme. In addition, Monday-Friday bar runs happy hour where a wine glass costs only 5 dollars and a martini just 8 dollars. To go with amazing range drinks in the restuarant you have delicious small platters, hand cut fries, grilled artichoke, rib quesadilla and many more.

Ambience and food of Bogie’s bar can only be experienced by visiting it

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